Femmes for SIMS was a smashing success!!

After 8 months of creating, planning and production, Femmes for SIMS finally came to fruition on Saturday, December 1st.

As Creative Director, I could not have been more pleased with the results!!

Here are some of my favorite reviews:

“This ENTIRE thing has been nothing less than absofuckinglutely fantastic. Good god, you have vision.”

“Celeste, where do I start to tell you how amazing and yes, magical the
evening was? I loved every second from decor, dancers, food, drinks,
and most importantly THE MUSIC thank you Adrian Quesada, the ladies all
gave once in a lifetime performances and the house band was world class.
I love and admire you so much and know that this was a labor of love
and all of us that support SIMS thank you for this beautiful gift you
gave us. Femmes for SIMS: Night of the Chanteuse is my event of the

“Well, it’s official. You are my hero. You’re magical. You’re incredible. Teach me your ways, Jedi. Thank you for everything.”

“What an absolutely enchanting evening you
created, Celeste! Of course, it came as no surprise; you really know how
to throw a party. ❤”

Yay!! Glad folks had a great time!! 
And now for just a few of the pictures… that truly speak for themselves.

Sassy Delure and her fabulous backup dancers, Lilly LaFleur and Lady Luck
Jazz Mills and Music Director Adrian Quesada
The stunning Jazz Mills
Florals by Antonio Bond
The ever-so lovely DJ Mahealani
The gorgeous rocker Nina Diaz
Niaz Diaz killing it.
Sassy Delure and her dancers
Sexy Sassy Delure
The incredible Pamela Hart
Pamela Hart
Pamela Hart casting a spell on the audience.
Afterparty with Adrian Quesada
Magical Winter White Models created by Jennifer Ayers

Look. Think. Make‘s beautiful work.
Anna Ibay (Event Co-Chair), SIMS Foundation’s Lila Tenenbaum, Nichole Filson (Event Co-Chair) and Creative Director, Celeste Quesada
Celeste Quesada with the performers!
Celeste Quesada, Creative Director of Craftbox Agency


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