I worked closely with Celeste for several years as she produced the Texas Film Hall of Fame for the Austin Film Society. With her great network of resources and creativity, she was able to work magic despite budget constraints. She is lovely to work with, and brings 110% to any project. Highly, highly, highly recommend!!

Shannon Moody, Executive Director of Jeremiah Project

Do not work with Celeste unless you want a precisely organized, uniquely creative, and flawlessly executed event

Bill Haddad, Blue House Design

Celeste found just the right professionals to create an awesome (and economical) website for my business. Not only that, she gently (and relentlessly) moved the project forward to completion defying all attempts at procrastination. Thanks, Celeste.

Andrew Hinman, Andrew Hinman Architecture

Celeste brought so many great people on board (caterer, florist, photo booth) for our wedding. She runs meetings in an organized and efficient manner and makes sure to cover all the bases. She’s fair and friendly, and I recommend her highly to all my friends.

Lindsey Creel

I love Celeste. Why? Because she’s real and smart and exceptionally dedicated to whatever she is involved with at the time. Being surrounded by her impeccable professionalism, awesome humor, amazing sense of style and enthusiasm for life is inspiring and a true honor.

Helen Knost, Lance Armstrong Foundation

No matter what the task or budget, be it large or small, never doubt that Celeste will get the job done with style, efficiency, and grace. Her determination, knowledge, and resourcefulness are extraordinary. The circus would come calling if they only knew how this lady can juggle! With her many pursuits, Celeste’s character never waivers and she is widely respected for it. She is a treasure – not only was she instrumental in expanding my business tenfold, she became my dear friend in the process.

Andrea Moore, Owner/Creator, Gypsyborn Designs

Celeste is your go to girl for creative, unique, fun and affordable magic. Celeste is fun to work with and is a total pro. From set designs and original creative concepts for special events to logistics and project management Celeste has great ideas and knows how to execute them.

Rose Reyes, Director Of Music Marketing at Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau and Music

Celeste knows how to build a team founded on trust and high standards. She proactively engages with all levels of a production, is always ready to offer solutions, and brings ideas and people to the table. Her creativity and imagination is unparalleled – she can turn the most bland project into a work of art and inspire the least inspired to see a situation in a whole new light. Her creative direction of the Texas Film Hall of Fame has been indispensable.

Ann Welch, Director of Development, Austin Film Society

As an older sibling, i was lucky to have a forward thinking friend and sister in Celeste. She was always looking ahead and outside the box. Celeste would take me to see bands nobody had heard of like the chili peppers and jane’s addiction (long before most of these were house hold names), which helped shape me into someone who saw beyond in the music business, instead of just what’s in front of me. Celeste was always progressive in art, work, ideas and so much more. Her thought process, combined with one of the hardest work ethics i’ve seen in my life, allowed her to become head of Cine Las Americas film fest at a young age, then to move to NYC not long after and try decor only to find her decorating Alec Baldwin and, then wife Kim Basinger’s house and months later starting work for BBC producing shows for them. BUT moving back to austin and starting a family still, somehow, hasn’t slowed her down (which brings me hope as a business owner and new father) and from Texas Film Hall of Fame to beyond, she’s still growing and building, in a town that easy for people to become complacent in. It definitely laid the foundation for me to start working in music and art in Austin and used her as a role model at a young age to find my place and end up where I am now.

Graham Williams, Founder of FUNFUNFUN Fest and Transmission Entertainment

Celeste gets it done; with grace and style every time. From backyard birthday to nationally recognized event wowing thousands, no detail is too small, no person unimportant. As both friend and colleague, I’ve seen her in action many times and her focus and professionalism never fails to impress.

Amanda Searancke, Nui Organics

Celeste is a consummate professional-detail oriented, bottom-line-focused, but also wildly creative with a rare balance of artistry and business savvy. Her ideas and execution are second to none!

David Wyatt, Wyatt Brand

I will never forget the image of my dear sister-in-law Celeste producing The Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards as a nine months pregnant Mommy-To-Be! In all my years of event planning and decorating, I have never witnessed such a force of creative and positive energy. The knowledge I have picked up just being in her presence has given me the confidence and know-how to pursue projects once out of the realm of possibility. I am very grateful to have her as a source of love and inspiration on a personal and professional level.

Audrie San Miguel, Owner of Prototype Vintage Design